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January 2013: VHIRE4U has added to its list several companies in the real estate and construction space like Mantri Group, Brigade Group, Pantheon Constructions, CMRS Group, Feroze Estates, Unnathi Developers

February 2013: VHIRE4U is now associated with the Logistics domain in a big way.Some of our esteemed clients in this space are TNT Logistics, ApolloFiege

March 2013: VHIRE4U now dives into the Animal Healthcare and Waste Management Companies like PROVIMI, Natural Remedies, Kivar environ and also into the Hospitality sector with Lite Bite and Brigade Hospitality

October 2012: VHIRE4U now dives into the Education & Training sector and also ascertains its position in the Infrastructure & logistics domain .Print & Media is the latest feather in VHIRE4U's cap.

October 2012: VHIRE4U now has signed up with a company that provides end-to-end product engineering services and semiconductor services. We have also stepped into the health care information sector and have tied up with integrated online marketing firms. We again added 3 more clients this month.

September 2012: VHIRE4U is now associated with the Biotechnology domain, Automobiles & OEMs in a big way. We have also established ourselves in contract research organizations sector.

September 2012: VHIRE4U now collaborates with three more software product development companies of high repute. We are also in agreement with services and solution providing companies. VHIRE4U has also added a global firm providing Analytics Services with associated Technology Solutions.

August 2012:- VHIRE4U has added to its list several companies with API &Drug Manufacturing, Pharma and retail pharmacies background. Vhire4U now supports a wider health care domain too.

August 2012: VHIRE4U signs up with technology consulting company specialized in semiconductor design services, also added to the list were two renowned technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services company.

July 2012: VHIRE4U adds another BI & Analytical Gaint into its Clientele List. We are building a Niche Service offering into Analytics. All recruiters wanting to excel in Analytics, VHIRE4U is the place to be.

July 2012: Watch out for the positions' details in Times Accent in July 2012.

July 2012: VHIRE4U aims at strengthening its servicing capabilities for old partners and new projects through an addition of 10 new teams of recruiters, account managers and BD professionals. Recruitment drives planned for the whole month for addition of these 80 professionals.

July 2012: VHIRE4U adds one of the largest Wireless, Mobile and Semiconductor Service provider to its Client list. This addition boosts our expertise in the Telecom and Semiconductor space.

June 2012: VHIRE4U builds strengths in the Analytical space with the addition of another giant in the vertical. Recruiters with analytical hiring experience are welcome to join us in this group.

April 2012: VHIRE4U signs up with the largest IT Services Company in India.


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